Mazda 3 (03-) Door sill (L=R)


Mazda 3 (2003- 2009) Foot board, door sill, repair panel, universal (left= right), length [cm] 172.

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Mazda 3 (2003- 2009) door sill. Good quality under door sills online. Purchase new Mazda 3 (2003- 2009) door sills on the online store – or in the shop Veiverių st. 47A, Kaunas, Aleksotas (Aleksotas market). Rusted or corroded (rotted) door sills can be replaced with full-original sills or universal sills which cover the rusted door sill area or other car body parts. Our online shop offers a wide variety of sills and short delivery period to your door step. Our welded sills‘ asortiment (metal plates for area under doors – hodoor) is full of galvanized, primed and tin-plated sills. Inside and outside car repairing sills are sold in Kaunas but also welding sills can be delivered anywhere in Lithuania by a courier. If you have any questions related to Mazda 3 (2003- 2009) sills you need, do not hesitate to contact our team for more information!  Contacts can be found on